We are always searching for new cool products for our own dogs and so we keep scanning the market. Today we want to show you 10 genius products for your dog and also share our thoughts about them with you. We have 3 dogs and one cat so we have a lot to handle and good product that can solve some of our problems with our little pet squad are always welcome in our household. If you are in a similar situation and you are facing some problems with your loved animals, maybe you can find your problem solving product in our article about the genius products for your dog. Let us have a look on the first product in our list now.

Comsun Collapsible Travel Food Bowl

Well, if you ask me, this product is simply amazing. We are on the road a lot and usually we have our 3 dogs with us. And sure enough that dogs get thirsty too, especially when they are active when it´s warm outside. We used to carry a bag with regular bowls while we were doing our trips, hiking or long walks. The bowls needed a lot of space and were sometimes heavy to carry, depending on the material they were made off. We used to have stainless steel bowls for hygienic reasons, and that was some weight to carry only to give our dogs some water. After finding the Comsun Collapsible Travel Food Bowl we got them and they have been in our dog bag wherever we go since then. They are made with BPA-Free Silicone, which was very important for us as we see our dogs as family members and would not give them BPA in their bowls or even their toys. The bowls are lightweight and you can fold them after using, they are not heavy and do not need much space in your bag when they are folded.

You can have a look at the Comsun Collapsible Travel Food Bowl HERE

Paw Puppy Potty Trainer Indoor Rest Room

If you ever had to potty train a puppy, you know exactly why this Potty Trainer made it to our list of the 10 genius products for your dog. With our first dog there was surely a lot of struggle till we got him potty trained. For us that included several hours for the potty training and another several hours on cleaning up the pet mess. And this is the non fun part in having a dog. After we found this fake patch of grass we were pretty optimistic that we could do much better with our potty training system, and we did. It is amazing how a little piece of fake grass can make such a difference and the results speak for itself. We recommend this potty trainer and we kept ours in case we will need it again. It is a 3 layer system which comes in form of a non-toxic odor resistant synthetic grass mat. The mat is perfect for patios and indoor use wherever you need it in your home. It is so easy to clean which means that you just rinse it with soapy water.

You can have a look at the Paw Puppy Potty Trainer Indoor Rest Room HERE

Earthbath Eucalyptus and Peppermint Pet Shampoo

We love our dogs, we really do but they can be pigs sometimes. And when i say pigs, i mean it in every way. Sometimes they eat like pigs and yes, sometimes they smell like pigs. Our dogs act weird sometimes and they love to jump into dirt and even roll around in it. We accept them the way they are but we needed to do something against it to be able to cuddle with them in the evenings. A special dog shampoo caught our attention and we did some research about it. It is the earthbath eucalyptus and peppermint pet shampoo. We know that you can find hundreds of dog shampoos and we tried a lot of them. What we like about this one is the fact that the manufacturer claims that this dog shampoo is totally natural pet care, that it is 100-percent bio-degradable and cruelty free. We love this product and we stick to it.

You can have a look at the Earthbath Eucalyptus and Peppermint Pet Shampoo Soothing HERE

Chuckit – The Whistler Ball

There are dog breeds that are very active and others that are more calm. But finally they have one thing in common, they all love to play! Please do not ask us how many dog toys we have in our household because we would have to start counting as we lost track. And each of our dogs have there own loved toys which sometimes they also carry with them during the day. These are the dog toys we keep at home and also we have a selection of toys we always bring with us for outdoor activities. One of our latest founds is the chuckit whistler ball. This ball is pretty cool and our dogs love to play with it. The ball is very robust and it is made from natural rubber. It can be filled with treats which we do very often to motivate our dogs some more. The ball whistles with each throw and when it lands on the ground it does a super bounce. We can recommend this ball and we are sure that your dog and you will have a lot of fun playing.

You can have a look at the Chuckit – The Whistler Ball HERE

Pogi’s dog poop bags

We have a product for potty training in our genius products for your dog list so we thought to add another product which will benefit you and your dog. Dogs need to go potty daily and you, as an responsible dog owner, will make sure that you won´t leave your dogs dirt everywhere. This Pogi’s dog poop bags are a great solution for picking up your dogs poop from the streets or wherever it is. The bags are biologically degradable and will keep mother nature clean even after composting. The bags have a powder fresh scent which makes it easy for you to carry them to the next liter box without stinking. We are using these bags and we are very happy that we found that eco-friendly product.

You can have a look at the Pogi’s dog poop bags HERE

PetSafe Easy Walk Harness

We know that there is a controversy between using a collar or a harness for your dog. We use both, depending on the situation. Usually our dogs wear collars at home or when we go somewhere and we know that they will be on a leash for just a short period of time. When we go for long walks or to places where you must keep your dog on a leash, we go with a dog harness. The Petsafe easy walk harness is a great product for a fair price. It is available in different sizes, depending on your dog breed, and it is also available in many different colors to match your personal taste. For us it is a good alternative to a regular collar as it doesn’t affect the dog’s breathing even if your dog is pulling hard.

You can have a look at the PetSafe Easy Walk Harness HERE

Veterinary CET Flavoured Toothpaste

As we mentioned earlier in our genius products for your dog article, we like to keep our pets clean. This includes their teeth and we found out that this toothpaste prevents tartar build-up and reduces bad breath. Jackpot. We love to cuddle our dogs very often but it can be very bad when your dogs licks your face with a terrible breath. This toothpaste made it better and we are happy that this product is available on the market. It solves several problems for your dogs teeth and also benefits a better breath which makes your dog even more adorable while cuddling.

You can have a look at the Veterinary CET Flavoured Toothpaste HERE

ZippyPaws Skinny PELTZ No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

Did you ever come home after work only to find your home full of shredded stuffings? Welcome to my old world. Yes, this happened very often, especially when our dogs where puppies. As you know they chew on everything and if they find a way to destroy something, they do and it makes them happy. We will not blame them here as it´s their nature to do so and we remind ourselves that it´s their way of playing or hunting. Anyways, we needed a solution for this problem and we found the Zippypaws skinny peltz toys. They are amazing as they do not have any stuffing inside so there is not really much left for our dogs to shred.

You can have a look at the ZippyPaws Skinny PELTZ No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toy HERE

DAN Dog Doorbells

Dogs can´t talk and they only bark. But do you know what their bark means? We don´t know so we got ourself this little helper that at least made it easier for us to understand when one of our dogs needed to go outside. It is an easier, better way for your dog to communicate instead of barking and scratching. The thick-walled jingle bells are built from an optimal blend of metals that sound really great. We trained our dogs to ring the bell whenever they need to go potty and after a week they understood and it works. At the beginning it was hard to make them understand that this is not a toy for them to play but they got it.

You can have a look at the DAN Dog Doorbells HERE

Ourpets Treat Ball for Dogs

The last cool product on our 10 genius products for your dog list is the Ourpets Treat Ball. What we love about this item is the fact that your dog has to think to get the treats. It keeps your dogs attention and keeps your dog sharp and on its toes. This is called an interactive treat ball that dispenses goodies as it moves across your floor. The ball features different levels of difficulty and you can start from easy and made it more and more difficult for your dog to get the treats. You can twist the ball apart to fill it with treats or if you need to clean it which you should do regularly. What we love also about this ball is that it keeps our dogs busy for a long time when we set the difficulty level to high. A great choice for every dog owner.

You can have a look at the Ourpets Treat Ball for Dogs HERE

We hope you enjoyed our 10 genius products for your dog article and that you could find a good product for your dog. We also hope that you learned a bit more and we would appreciate if you would share this article with other dog owners. Also read our article 10 good gift ideas for a dog.

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10 genius products for your dog