Halloween is just around the corner and who says it’s just for kids?

We have found some unique pet costumes that will have your pup in the running for the best costume! It wasn’t that long ago that if you saw a pet in a costume it was a rare sight.  These days, you’re almost frowned upon if you don’t include your pet in the festivities! This means there is a wide variety of pet costumes you can choose from, because unlike our kids, we actually get to choose their pet costumes!!

Last year was the first year I stayed home and passed out candy for Halloween. I was so excited, I dressed up myself and then I put costumes on my pets. My scotty was dressed in a plush hot dog costume and the kids really loved it. My female Shih-Tzu is pretty much always in costume with her pink and purple dyed fur and matching pet hair bows.  I put a pink tutu on her and she was the perfect princess pup that got a lot of attention!

So whether you are attending a fun parade, a halloween party or passing out candy to the kids, dressing your pet for Halloween is all part of the fun!

1.  President Trump!

Love him or hate him this pet costume is hilarious!!! There are two different ones here, so check them both out to see which one works best for your size pet.

2. Despicable Me Minion

If your pet is your sidekick or partner in crime then this minion costume is a great choice. What I like about this costume is that you can easily match this with the human costumes, making a whole team of minions Halloween!

3. UPS Pet Costume

If you like to do most of your shopping online, then Im sure you can find the humor in this costume. Who says that dogs have to chase the mail carrier?

4. Panda Pet Costume

You may have seen these costumes,  when they were featured on the Shark Tank t.v. show.  These are so cute and cuddly costumes that will give your pup some extra warmth on Halloween night. What’s great about these pet costumes is that they are adjustable, making them a bit more versatile to use on multiple pets close in size. Right now they have the Panda Bear and the Teddy Bear costumes available check them out!

5. Paw Patrol

Choose from the characters Marshall, Skye or Chase.  If you have younger kids, then you know exactly how popular this Paw Patrol show is. How surprised would your children be to have their very own official Paw Patrol member?

6.  Puppy Latte

Oh my goodness, cuteness overload! For all you coffee loving connoisseurs, heres a really unique pet costume you have to check out!

7. Bark Brew

Calling all tailgaters and sports fans, this pet costume isn’t just for Halloween.  I can only imagine the attention your pup with score sporting this fun beer costume! Now only if can fetch a beer from the cooler, sorry I can’t help with that one!

8. King of the Jungle, or is it house?

This lion costume is an oldie but a goodie. I dont have a larger breed dog, but if I did he would be wearing this furry costume.  I would put it on him when having parties just to see the looks on peoples faces as they do a double take! It has a few different sizes but it primary made for larger dogs.

9.  Small Lion pet costume

Here is a fluffy main for your smaller pets, even the cat can feel like a beast in this lion costume!

10. CEO stud

This business suit pet costume is super sharp! This is one of those costumes that can be worn for all sorts of events, not just Halloween. Has your pet had his eyes on the sweet lassie dog next door, just suit him up in this pet business suit and let him strut his stuff.

I hope this list gets you inspired for creativity with your pet. As with any pet clothing, make sure you do proper measurements before ordering. Some manufacturers have different sizing charts, so it’s important to read the particular product page to know what measurements you need. Happy Shopping!!!

Do you have any unique pet costumes? We would love to hear from you!

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