Do Shih Tzus smell? Just a little trivia before we address that question — did you know that Shih Tzus were known as the pets of Chinese royalties? Shih Tzus were originally from China! Who would have thought of that seeing their big round eyes? Anyway, kidding aside. Shih Tzus are considered to be one of the rarest dog breed that only the ancient Chinese royalty could have.

Now, going back to your question – does Shih Tzu really stink? Chinese royalties would not even get them as pets if they have that distinct pungent smell. Their look and characteristics may be distinct, but they are the same as with any other dogs. They all share the same basic needs. Just like any other dogs, they could stink if not regularly bathe. Realistically speaking, there are Shih Tzus that quite stinks.

Here are the possible reasons why your Shih Tzus smell bad.


Their long thick coat could be a breeding ground of bacteria that produces that stinky smell. Regular bathing with the use of mild dog shampoos and conditioner that are made from natural ingredients would help. Average bathing is twice or thrice a week, but it can be done every day as deem necessary. Just make sure you are using mild products that are made from natural ingredients so as not to strip off their skin’s moisture. Check and clean their ears as it is normally the root cause of malodor. Malodor starts from yeasts infections that normally breed inside your dog’s ears. And lastly, brush their teeth and check their gums and tongue so they don’t develop bad breath.

To sum up it up, here are the things to check when bathing your Shih Tzu:

·      Skin & Coat

·      Ears

·      Mouth, Gums & Tongue

·      Anal

·      Foot pads

It would be best to have products that fight yeast infections. Stick to those that are made with natural ingredients like probiotics, and the like.



Normally, Shih Tzus don’t stink as they are just staying indoor. But, check the place where they usually stay, they might be drinking the dirty water from the sink or even your cr. Those environmental contaminants may lead to bacteria growth, yeasts and even viral infections.

Food choices may also have an impact to their scent. The feces of dogs that are fed with table food usually smell worse than those that are fed with dog food. Food allergies may also cause flatulence. You may think that they stink, but unknowingly they are just farting.

Sanitation and unsupervised eating may also lead to coprophagia or poop-eating. Aside from drinking from the toilet, most dogs have the habit of eating their poop that causes them to have bad breath. Just imagine all the bacteria from their poop that gets into their mouth — so gross! There are physical and psychological reasons behind your dog’s poop eating habit. It is best to visit a reliable veterinarian to rule out any health issues.


Possible Health Issues

If all of those mentioned are practiced, but none seem to work, then it is time to check your pooch’s underlying medical condition. Persistent bad odor that can’t be addressed by hygiene may be a sign of poor health. Ask your veterinarian and have your dog checked for possible abnormality in their internal organs.

Here are the diseases that could cause your dog to have pungent smell:

·      Otitis

·      Dental disease

·      Allergies

·      Metabolic disease causing ulcers in the mouth

·      Poisons causing ulcers in the mouth

·      Cancer

·      Excessive seborrhea

How to keep them smelling fresh all-day?

Naturally derived Food Supplements

Probiotic rich supplement can fight the growth of yeasts infections.  It comes in different forms: dog food, biscuits/snacks, syrup, tablets and milk. Including such supplements in their diet can help fight bad breath and stinky gut.

Baking soda

Baking soda works as a natural dry shampoo.  Bathing your dog regularly can be hard not just for you, but also for your dog. Good thing, there is another way to keep your dog smelling fresh all the time. Just sprinkle the baking soda all over his coat, and then gently brush it to remove the dirt from his long tresses.  Brushing removes dirt and prevents it from accumulating that results to unpleasant odors.

Pet wipes

We all know that Shih Tzus can develop eye gunk that causes unpleasant odor. The combination of oil secretion, bacteria, yeasts and hair can result to eye gunk. This can be prevented through constant wiping of their face before it develops. There are lots of deodorizing dog wipes on the market but opt for ones that are made from naturally-derived ingredients. These wipes can be used even on the sensitive areas like anal, vulva, ears, and mouth.  Always check the ingredients and labels. Choose the ones that are hypoallergenic and free from harsh chemicals and substances, so you can use it all over their body without worrying of your dog licking the wiped area.

However, for dogs that have skin infection, wipes that are made from clinical grade ingredients would be the best pick for you. There are clinical grade wipes that have antiseptic, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal benefits.

To sum it up, unpleasant smell from all dog breeds is inevitable, but preventable.  There are daily, weekly, and monthly routines to practice to prevent the foul smell. It may be a tedious task for some, but dogs are like babies that you need to take care of.

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