Nordic Walking is one of the most popular and uncomplicated sports, as you do not need extensive equipment. In contrast to classic jogging, fast walking is not a health problem for most people and is particularly suitable for beginners. As a dog owner it is obvious to integrate your own four-legged friend into the big walking tours.

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What is required for Nordic Walking?

If you watch ambitious Nordic Walkers doing their rounds, the typical poles catch your eye. The poles are placed alternately forward by the arm movement, so that a flowing movement is created. If you would like to start Nordic Walking, you should always consider buying suitable poles in order to be able to apply the technique correctly. In order to get a feeling whether this sport is something for you, you could first imitate the movement without poles or borrow some.

As with jogging or hiking, the right footwear is very important for this running sport. Longer distances are regularly covered, so the strain on the walking muscles should be as comfortable as possible. It is best to get advice from a specialist shop near you, so that your personal shoe can be found that fits your foot and your walking style. A professional running analysis can help here.

How do I begin Nordic Walking?

Before you take your dog with you, you should first practice the correct technique without your dog. Pay attention to the diagonal execution – right arm swings forward simultaneously with the left leg and left arm with the right leg. If you have height-adjustable poles, you should adjust them so that your arm is at a right angle when you put the pole down straight.

If you are walking quickly, your arms should swing alternately from the shoulder. They are stretched out forward and the pole is set at an angle. You might want to watch a video or two from the pros to get a better idea.

The dog is being integrated

But now your dog can also join in. Important condition for this: He should not pull. There are two ways to fasten the leash, once at the wrist and once at a waist belt. Which option works better for you depends on where you want your dog to run. He can either walk beside you or in front of you. It is important that you always have enough room to walk with your dog and that you can place the poles normally, as if you were walking alone.

Since the pole movement is very dynamic, your dog may be uncomfortable with it at first. Show him the poles in peace and let him have more leash at the beginning if he feels uncomfortable walking so close to them. In time your dog will become much more confident and will quickly understand how it should be done. Let him sniff around and do his business in peace, so that he can’t have an “urgent” reason for wanting to stay on the side of the road all the time.

He will certainly be thrilled when he sees you reaching for your sticks at home!

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