Create a cozy space for your pets! Cool & unique pet beds you didn’t know existed!

I have 2 dogs and a cat. Like every other pet owner, I love my fur babies like they are my own  children. Some days I love them more than my children! Lol! Sleeping is a very big part of your pets life, so a pet bed is just part of the essentials. My animals love their pet beds. What if you’re looking for something different? Well my friends, keep reading and you’ll see some pretty cool ideas for The Relaxed Pet!

Starting off with the kitty cat, I found a neat solution that has made my cat more social and definitely happier. One of my dogs is a puppy and really knows how to drive my cat crazy. I was watching a show on animal planet, basically with a cat whisperer and he made a really good point. He said that cats needs to have their own space to escape from the other animals in the house. If everything has the other animals smell on it, then the cat really can’t feel likes its their space. Well, since my cat tends to be more antisocial, I decided to try this and see if it would help.

I found some really cool solutions for my cat situation that I wanted to share.


Window seat for cat

I’ve seen these before but really couldn’t imagine they would be able to hold a cat with just suction cups. There are some you can actually mount on a window ledge but I wanted my to be portable to move from room to room. So I came across this cat window seat and I must say, I’m impressed! The owner of this company handmakes all the window seats, so I can feel good about supporting a small business. The quality is really fantastic too! I tried it on several windows and even a doorwall, it never once came off, even with my kitty jumping up on it. It allows her to escape from the madness of the two dogs running and playing so she can be a silent observer. I purchased a small cushion to place on the seat and it fits perfectly. It did exactly what I was looking for. I give 5 stars to this window seat!


Princess cat tree

Ok so my house has always been over run with testosterone! I’ve pretty much always been the only female in the house. Over the past two years I’ve added 3 new pets which all happened to be females! So of course I’m always on the hunt for anything pink and frilly!  I found this really cute cat castle! It’s not huge so it’s perfect for a smaller room. The inside area of the cat house is small so it makes the space really cozy for my kitty. Cats love spaces they hide away in so this works perfectly! This is the ONLY castle style cat tree/house I have been able to find. I do wish they offered options for different colors or even different models. However this one works perfectly in my bedroom and I have a traditional cat tree for a larger room in my house. My 2 year old Shih-Tzu does climb inside this castle, I suppose she started feeling left out. Its pretty cute though as there are two separate places so my cat and my shih-tzu will actually nap in this at the same time. See photo below.


Pet Beds

A simple bed should be assigned for each pet. This give each pet their own special sleeping area. Believe it or not, most dogs can be easily trained to “go to bed” as long as they have their own bed, they’re happy to retreat to their space. Depending on the size of your home, number of animals, you may want to get a few beds to keep around the home. I found some really nice beds that were great looking and great quality at a great price! Just great!! These ones were easy to clean too, I just throw them in the washer and let them air dry. I have also put them in the dryer as well, no problems so far. Im sure after several dries this could start to be a problem but once in awhile, I think it’s fine.

Check out some pet beds we like:


Fancy Pet Beds

Want a fancier more formal option for pet beds? Take a look below! I have the silver, diamond patterned couch/bed and this looks really good in my living room. The style of the bed makes it looks like a mini furniture piece. Its pretty sturdy, my kids have sat it many times, boys!  It’s actually pretty lightweight so it’s easy to move to other rooms. As for the other ones below, I found these ones to have the best reviews, and most unique styles. I like using furniture piece beds for the main living areas. I think they look unique and can be a luxurious pet bed!

For the lords and the ladies:

Your pet will love it!

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