A little bit of wellness can not only mean recreation and relaxation for us, but is also very useful for our four-legged friend. So why not just have a wellness day with your dog?

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Fur care

Regardless of your dog’s breed, he will need extensive grooming from time to time. What kind of grooming depends on the condition of the fur. If your dog has a long, dense coat with lots of undercoat, you should comb out the already loose undercoat from time to time. If your dog’s fur is very short and smooth, he will also be happy to be groomed with a suitable, not too hard or wiry brush.

Especially with dogs with rough hair, like terriers or schnauzers, trimming is a possibility. The loose hair is plucked out so that new hair can grow back. This grows back in rough-haired dogs usually quite hard.

There are also dogs without undercoat, which do not have any or only very light hair by nature. With these four-legged friends the coat can be shorn regularly to keep it short and groomed. If one would not do this, it would grow longer and longer, like poodles or Maltese. So this coat needs intensive grooming so that it does not appear matted or unkempt.

Here, dogs with a two-layer coat are at an advantage – their coat remains naturally uncomplicated. Nevertheless, on the one hand you can support their coat change by brushing it and on the other hand every quadruped, no matter what his coat is like, is happy about all the attention he gets at that moment.

It is best to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere so that the grooming will be positively remembered by both of you. Take your time, sit on the floor with your dog and give him a treat in between. Try not to get annoyed if your dog sits down instead of standing still or lies down and turns on his back and you can’t get to the right places. If you stay positive and calm, everything will work out much better. Because if you don’t feel like it anymore, your dog will perceive your mood sensitively and, conversely, will find it unpleasant if it ticks from time to time. So stay as calm as possible, take it with humour and keep calm. So that you can also enjoy some relaxation, you could apply a face mask before you start, which you let take effect while brushing your dog.

Tooth Brushing

People often ridicule brushing their teeth, but in fact, this is one of the ways that veterinarians recommend to counteract tartar in dogs. By brushing your pet’s teeth regularly, you can prevent deposits from forming that later become stubborn tartar. Once you have more time, you can involve your dog in dental care and brush his teeth right after yours, making it easier to remember.

Make sure that you use a suitable toothbrush and toothpaste for dogs, because the one for humans is not suitable for your dog. However, you can find a suitable set in every pet shop, with which you can start directly. Start brushing your dog’s teeth very slowly, so as not to frighten your dog with the unfamiliar “exercise”. Show him the toothbrush, let him smell or taste the toothpaste and reward every approach in between. Then you can start touching his teeth, maybe just with your fingers for now. Feel your way forward step by step until it seems completely normal to your dog. But he probably won’t be a fan of brushing his teeth. Don’t be surprised if he is less enthusiastic when he sees the toothbrush – the health aspect is the main focus here.


Manicure- Claw Shortening

Just as you take care of your nails, your dog’s claws need regular checking. If they are too long and bend clearly or “click” noticeably on hard surfaces, you should shorten them or shorten them beforehand so that they don’t become too long. Important: Always shorten only a little so that the “life” in the claw can recede. So it is better to remove only a little, but more often.

You can either use claw scissors or a so-called Dremel, which grinds down the claws. Both tools have advantages and disadvantages, so you should choose the right one for you and your dog. With a Dremel, the claw can be shortened more gently and slowly, because with scissors you can only work piece by piece. In return, the Dremel could unsettle your dog with its vibration and the noise it makes. Try out both options and reward your dog so that he saves the claw shortening as something positive.

Bathing your dog

When it comes to the question of whether or not it is really necessary to bathe the dog, opinions are divided in the dog owner world. But since the four-legged friend lives closely with you in the house and cuddles with you or perhaps your children, there is certainly nothing wrong with a bath now and then. Especially not when he has discovered the freshly sloped field in front of you. You can combine his bath with your shower in a wonderful way. You will probably get wet anyway when shampooing your dog, so you could start with you and bring your dog in while your hair mask or conditioner is working. Just make sure you use a suitable dog shampoo that is also suitable for his coat structure. Then the bath can certainly not hurt.

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