Wild flowers are known to have many good qualities. We have been using them for a very long time – whether in the kitchen, as an alternative healing method for diseases, wounds or other ailments, or for our animals. They can have a very positive effect on the organism and can be used in many different forms. Perhaps you already know these plants as an alternative healing method or through your dog’s barking? Because especially in the nutrition wild flowers for dogs are very often very popular.

Nettle – An all-rounder among the wild flowers

If we are honest, nettles are not exactly the most magnificent wild flowers. We usually find them on the edge of paths, in meadows or in our own garden. They can spread very quickly and come in the form of the large and small nettle. Because of the many small stinging hairs on the plant, we usually only remember the itching and burning pustules that appear on the skin after touching it. This of course gives it a rather bad reputation and it is therefore more of a weed. But actually there is much more to this plant. It is considered a very important medicinal plant and is often used by humans, dogs and other pets. It has many different ingredients that can have a positive effect on health problems or to keep your dog healthy. It can not only be used internally, but also for external application.

The healing effects of nettle at a glance:

blood cleansing







metabolically stimulating

Possible applications of the nettle:

to detoxify the body

to stimulate the metabolism

to support the liver

as a supplement for loss of appetite

for urinary tract diseases

to strengthen the immune system

for external use for eczema and other rashes

for relief of flea bites

Dandelion – Not only beautiful to look at, but also useful

Often perceived as “weeds”, you can integrate the dandelion into your everyday life very well. Whether for maintaining health or for physical symptoms, the dandelion is an important and precious remedy. Its detoxifying and especially bile or stomach and pancreas stimulating effect plays a decisive role in dog nutrition. You can offer it to your dog as tea, but you can also use it as a tincture for external complaints.

The healing power of the dandelion:




blood cleansing




Applications of the dandelion:

Excitation of the bile

Stimulation of stomach and pancreas

Use in weak conditions to build up

Support for joint problems

positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract

Increase of the well-being

Goutweed – The bad reputation precedes this plant

In most gardens it is notorious and unpopular as a weed, but instead is very welcome in the kitchen or as a medicinal plant. Its many positive ingredients, especially its high content of minerals and vitamin C, make it a very popular herb.

The healing benefits of goutweed:







Application possibilities of the Goutweed:

for acute intestinal complaints

Use for urinary tract diseases

Improvement of the general well-being

external use for skin rash, injuries or insect bites

Look out!

If you are interested in Goutweed and want to use it for your dog, please take a close look at the plant. Goutweed, also known as goutweed, has some similar looking competitors. However, these are toxic to your dog. These include the spotted hemlock, the poisonous water hemlock and the hogweed. Bibernelle is also confusingly similar to goutweed. However, it is not poisonous for your dog.

Therefore, research very carefully in advance if you are not so familiar with wildflowers. You can also take pictures of the wild giant hawkweed and the other plants to avoid confusion.

These characteristics can help you to distinguish between them:

Shape of stem and leaves: The goutweed has triangular stems and triangular leaves consisting of three individual leaves. The edge of the leaves is serrated.

Smell: If you rub a few leaves in your hand, the goutweed has a light note of parsley.

With wild flowers, the correct dosage and use is important. These useful plants also contain vitamins and minerals and can have undesirable effects on the dog’s organism if used incorrectly. Especially if your dog suffers from certain diseases or needs to take medication regularly. Even female dogs, for example, should not be given everything in their food bowl during pregnancy.

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